Wednesday, January 22, 2014

4 awesome free cloud apps

Now-a-days, Internet has become a major part of our lives, and it plays a crucial role too...
from communicating with friends to conveying your thoughts to the world, we use many web based "apps" in our day to day life.

In this article, I am gonna talk about the four awesome free cloud apps I have come across:

1. Prezi

Are you bored of creating presentations the conventional way? have you ever been jealous of colleagues because of their fantastic slide-shows, then Prezi gives you a chance to go one-up on them.

This online service lets you create animated presentations, where you can present your words and ideas thoughtfully and beautifully, in less time.

Creating dynamic and animated presentations is simple now. we can chose from available templates and then, simply go with the flow: adding words, photos, audio narrations and videos. Since this whole service is on the web, we can directly insert Youtube clips and images from the internet.

This is the best presentations tool I ever used.  Use this app to create beautiful presentations in no time. sign up for a free account and you are given 100MB of storage.

visit  signup and get a head start to present your thoughts beautifully.

2. Picfull

A free online photo editing app. ( most of the girls would love this app ;-) )

You do not know how to use a image editing software, but you want to post professional quality photos to Facebook and flickr accounts? then, the app PicFull comes to your rescue.

This online service provides a simple web interface that allows you to apply over 20 photo effects - each one with sliders and color palettes - to edit your snapshot.

Simply upload the image you want to edit from your PC's hard drive; choose the filter you want to apply; play around with the sliders and the color palettes available till you get the desired effect; and hit save. you are given a link to download the edited photo, or the option to share it across social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Amazing isn't it?

to use this app, Goto

3. Convert Files

A online file converter and flash video downloader. Convert videos, audio files, documents, and ebooks.

content - whether its images, audio or video - comes in different formats. we have WAV, MP3, M4A, WMA, AMR.. and this is audio only.

Some MP3 players, for instance, might not support FLAC, MKV. Or your smart tv might not support FLV. In such cases, your only option is to convert the files to a format that's supported.

To do this, we no longer need to download any special software. Goto to convert audio, video, documents, presentation and archive file types to the data format you need.

Simply upload a file ( max size: 250 MB ) and choose the format you into which you want it to be converted.

4. NetVibes

There is too much information over the web to be read, and there are so many updates from our friends in social networks to skim through.  Have you ever thought of maintaining your social media data over Internet at one place? then, you should definitely try this awesome app.

This online service is a dashboard, where in we can add rss feeds of our favorite websites/blogs and also we can add widgets of social networks like facebook, google+, twitter etc, etc.. Not only rss feeds and widgets, we can also add web services to our dashboard. Simply signup for a free account and get started with it.

Forceful closure of Google Reader, users like me left with dismay. Now there is no problem, the reader introduced by NetVibes creating ripples in the web, using the Reader we can read all articles in a hassle free and friendly environment.

What are you waiting for? signup for a free account in

Note:  stay tuned for more detailed article on the features available through NetVibes.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

3 benefits of Green Tea

0. Green Tea is full of anti-oxidants which helps to increase our immunity. 2 cups of Green Tea daily, keeps you healthy.


1. Apart from the regular health benefits Green Tea provides, it gives immediate relaxation to our eyes and also helps us to get good sleep.  Soak 2 Green Tea bags in water for 15-20 mins under room temperature and put those tea bags on your eyes for 5-10 mins. that's it! this reduces any puffiness in the eyes and relaxes reddish eyes. This will make you feel relaxed and slowly drift in to sleep. I personally tried this at home and it showed good results.

2. Green Tea can also be used as a face pack, won't believe? then try this at home and see the change.  Soak 1 Green Tea bag in water for 15-20 mins under room temperature, mix this water with 3 full table spoons of curd, and apply this on your face. Wait for 5 mins or so, till it dries and then wash your face with cool water to see the results. This opens up pores in the skin, we can use face steamer also for better results. Continue this for 1 week to see tremendous results.