Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brain Vs Heart Vs Love

I've been fobbed off, I've been fooled off;
I've been shot down, I've been robbed and ridiculed.
Baby you are the one, that nurtured me.

I'm so tired of being lonely.
anything you do gonna spin me off crazily.
So, Handle 'ME' with care.

She never had much faith in Love and Miracles.
she never wanna put me on that line. ooofff!
you woke me up from the slumber, baby.
just when I'm dying off to get some affection.

she has been uptight & made a mess.
she has robbed you off the sweet love, you deserved.
But I'vl make it up to you, I guess
oh! my love, handle 'ME' with care.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Many shades of Blue (Vizag - City of Destiny)

with luscious green forest to the west, beautiful beach to the east, mouth watering jaggery and sugar canes to the south, chilling cool breezes in the hill station to the north, all are well known for nature's wonderful creation. Once a fisherman's abode now turned into big shots/billionaire's Casanova pride.

One thing remained the same, the warm welcome it gives to all kinds of people (mixed culture from all regions in India). Be it Bihari's and Bengali's in South East Railway quarters, grocery supply chains from Malayali's, Teachers from Tamil Nadu, Norther Indians in the defense companies like CRPF, NAD, Navy, shipyard, dock yard. Manufacturing industries and other shops from Odessa folks. A relaxation spot for people travelling between extreme south to West Bengal.  People who flock from other nearby districts like godavari, krishna.

It welcomes everyone!
Here there is no other caste, creed, religion aspects attached to a person. Just a craze and madness of being called as Vizagian.

A bridge like rock formation near Thotla konda
Shades of Sea

The gates to the sea is always open. come experience the different shades of sea. Raging high tides in Sagar Nagar, with a wide sea shore, to the swimming pool kind of Rushikonda beach, to the whirlpools near vuda park and RK beach strech, to the small island's in the sea in Yarada, to the red sand and mud color water in Bheemili and to the beautifully carved bridges like rock formations near thotla konda and Jodu gulla palem.

A bright sunny day near kailasa giri
Red sand near Bheemili beach
Fisher men at Bheemili

All these shades of bay of bengal in just 60 km stretch of beautiful beach road.

Yarada beach

Shades of climate

Humidity towards beach road, chilled cold in Araku valley (sometimes even drops to 0 degree's in winter) with the nick name Andhra Ooty. Hot climate towards Anakapalli and Gajuwaka because of the industrialization. Within every 50 km's of stretch, one can feel the difference in climate.

There is more...

An industrialist paradise, with bauxite, iron ore, gem stones, gold and zinc mines. Mining in this is like prisoner's dilemma to Govt because of the challenges it gives in balancing the ecological system and industrialization.

Brilliance & Madness stays together

Anyone is welcome and experience the brilliant madness.My city has a perfect home for someone like Josh Nash with a brilliant mind yet gone crazy.  With an abode of knowledge (Andhra University) and mental illness institutes constructed side by side.

A Top-30 ranking college in India (Andhra University established in 1928) known for scholar's and researcher's. Sarvepalli Radha Krishna studied here in this university. One of the oldest and the best engineering college Andhra University College of Engineering (Estb in 1958).

FYI: for Telugu film fanatics, Trivikram studied MSc Physics in Andhra University. :-)
One of the best theatrical acoustics implemented in Jagadamba theater. The ecstasy of watching an English action movie in this theater, is rewarding.

People like Alluri Seeta Rama Raju, Sree Sree (famous telugu poet) are from this beautiful city.

Known for


Go to anywhere in Andhra, milk's quality is measured against VISAKHA DAIRY milk quality.

My city topped the fastest growing cities in Asia.

I am a 100% pure Vizagian, who gets inspiration from every true Vizagian (Sree Sree or Alluri Seeta Rama Raju and many more)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 bad habits of programmers

4. confusing backward slash and forward slash characters
is it //localhost or \\localhost?

have you ever wondered, which slash character to use while typing path of a shared folder in the network? have you? ... I know I have.

3.  countdown begins from 0 (influence of arrays)
One day I observed a strange event in a tech park, on of the lift stops at 3rd floor whenever you press 4th floor button. strange isn't it? the program must be counting from 0. :-D

2.  Think in terms of 0 and 1
even though I know delays are common and are expected most in any industry. always want to yell "its either a 0 or a 1 there is no middle ground" at people who gives "will see later" response for anything,

1.  using programming convention in day to day life

oops!!! its already 4 A.M and what am I doing online? ;-)  c:\> shutdown
0.  bad eating and sleeping habits

What are you thinking about, count again, total 5 habits are there.

This article would have reminded you of someone, that person is a definite geek/nerd/techy/workaholic or at least a person who needs a "Go and get a life" suggestion.