Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brain Vs Heart Vs Love

I've been fobbed off, I've been fooled off;
I've been shot down, I've been robbed and ridiculed.
Baby you are the one, that nurtured me.

I'm so tired of being lonely.
anything you do gonna spin me off crazily.
So, Handle 'ME' with care.

She never had much faith in Love and Miracles.
she never wanna put me on that line. ooofff!
you woke me up from the slumber, baby.
just when I'm dying off to get some affection.

she has been uptight & made a mess.
she has robbed you off the sweet love, you deserved.
But I'vl make it up to you, I guess
oh! my love, handle 'ME' with care.

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