Thursday, January 1, 2015

5 bad habits of programmers

4. confusing backward slash and forward slash characters
is it //localhost or \\localhost?

have you ever wondered, which slash character to use while typing path of a shared folder in the network? have you? ... I know I have.

3.  countdown begins from 0 (influence of arrays)
One day I observed a strange event in a tech park, on of the lift stops at 3rd floor whenever you press 4th floor button. strange isn't it? the program must be counting from 0. :-D

2.  Think in terms of 0 and 1
even though I know delays are common and are expected most in any industry. always want to yell "its either a 0 or a 1 there is no middle ground" at people who gives "will see later" response for anything,

1.  using programming convention in day to day life

oops!!! its already 4 A.M and what am I doing online? ;-)  c:\> shutdown
0.  bad eating and sleeping habits

What are you thinking about, count again, total 5 habits are there.

This article would have reminded you of someone, that person is a definite geek/nerd/techy/workaholic or at least a person who needs a "Go and get a life" suggestion.